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I’m An Extrovert

My wife says I need people and she’s right. It’s been a year. I miss planes, trains, and automobiles. I miss first class upgrades and the Sky Club. I miss wandering through different cities between client engagements - ANY city! I miss speaking with people who aren’t on a screen. Zoom fatigue is real. Look it up.

Most of all I miss my co-workers and my clients!

I’m not alone. There is probably one or more of your team members that are itching to get back around the water cooler. So what are you doing to “feed” the extroverts in your organization? Here are 4 ideas:

1. Do some training. NOT product training. Your team had enough of that in 2020. I highly recommend sales training, or leadership training - give them something new to learn.

2. Run a contest. Many of you have sales cycles that require you to fill the funnel now. Incent activity. Include everyone. There should only be three types of jobs today. Those directly supporting clients. Those supporting the people directly supporting the clients. And those looking for new jobs. Include the first two.

3. Form small continuous improvement teams. Every day your teams are discovering new ways to successfully do business today. Collect those best practices. Implement the best across the organization.

4. Hold regular 1 on 1's. These are not inspection or coaching sessions. These are therapy sessions and there are only two questions you should ask, “how are you feeling?”, and “what can I do to help?”

Despite our best efforts to replace ourselves with machines, people are still the most important asset in any company and we’ve all been through hell the past year.

By the way, I suspect your introverts are suffering too. Although I married one, I don’t quite understand them, so I', afraid I can’t offer any help there.

Wishing you, your Team, your clients, and your loved ones all the best!

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