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  • How do I add a story?
    To add a new story you can send an email to or fill out this form.
  • Can I insert pictures into my story?
    Yes! However, if there is someone other than you in the picture, you must include permission for the picture to be posted. To add a picture you can: 1- Send it as an attachement on your email 2- Send it embedded in your email 3- Send it along with the your form submission
  • Can I use my full name and email address in my story?
    Yes! But you must give explicit permission to do so. Otherwise we will only display your first name and last name initial.
  • How do I edit or remove my story?
    If you would like to make an edit, please send your changes to If you would like to remove or delete your story, we will hate to see you go, but all you need to do is send your request to and we will take it down.
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