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God's Hand

Our story begins with my husband and I being laid off from our jobs. Even both of

our cars broke down. People gasp when they hear that, but we had so many good things happen to us as well.

We are a family of five and very busy with work, school and after school activities. This pandemic gave us an opportunity to slow down and bond again as a family. We witnessed the hand of God and how he provides.

My husband had an opportunity to go to games and pick the children up from school. (Yes ours are in school.) I was able to comfort parents as a former homeschool parent and a tutor. My field of favor, childcare and tutoring, was able to fill in the income gap for my family.

We experienced things that we can only describe as favor. I was able to help a family that lived seven houses away, so no car was needed when the cars were down. I

was then offered a second part time position that helped me get into the career that I truly desire. A friend, that loved her van, sold it to us for a little of nothing.

People gave so much that we had to find families to share with. Also during Christmas, we were able to help those in need, despite the fact, we were both laid off. My husband received an invitation to apply for a job that had not been posted and recently returned to work.

So, the pandemic was a blessing to my family in so many ways. This is a time we will cherish as our lives begin a new normal.

- Victoria R.

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