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It Starts With You

Necessity is the mother of invention. Life among Covid-19 has had it's challenges and messes; and one dad finally had enough. Though the kids were doing their part with virtual learning, virtual supplies and their mess were not. The books and pencils and binders did not magically disappear when the laptop closed down. Oh no, those supplies remained "material" in the real world.

Having had a enough of the mess, a California father took it upon himself to make some desks for his kids. That way, the supplies could be tucked away when not in use. He found that with a few dollars and a couple of hours, he could create a space for his children to learn. People do better with tasks when an area is set-up as an office-like or school-like space, and he knew it was up to him to provide such a space.

After posting a pic of his handy work, word spread.

Many people took interest in making their own desks or supporting his efforts to make more. He even uploaded a You Tube Tutorial for those who need a bit of help.

Mitchell Couch still receives many accolades and thanks from the community. Knowing that his efforts are helping people get through the pandemic keeps in working at it!

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