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Loved Ones By My Side

Four family members side by side
Family hug

When COVID-19 hit, rocking my life and sending me home from school early, I thought “my life plans are super off track!” I was devastated to be so far from finding a career and to be back home returning to old habits under my parents roof. It felt all too familiar and my independent & individualistic mindset were now nowhere near fulfillment.

What I didn’t realize in the midst of the 6 months I was home and now see in hindsight, is that I gained truly unmatched time with my beautiful family. I cannot remember the last time everyone of us were under the same roof for such an extensive period of time. We were able to reconnect, make more memories, have tons of laughs, and enjoy each other’s company. I would have never had those memories, nor do I believe I ever would have gained such great family time had this pandemic not hit.

My silver lining in this truly negative time is that big, scary factors can rock the world and flip it on its axis, but as long as I have my loved ones by my side I know everything will be alright.

- Tori C.

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