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MONEY, Money, money

Scrap, scrimp, and save because you never know what's going to be right around the corner. My mom used to tell me that, a lot; and she would ask, "Is that dollar burning a hole in your pocket or something?" I never saved my money. There were always things I wanted to do or get right then and there. Then Covid hit. Oh my God, my mom was right. You never know what is going to happen next.

Who in the world could have seen this thing coming? But what I have come to find out is, with everything locked down I don't have anywhere to go. No more bars with friends, not as many dinners out, no movie theatre, nothing really. Except saving cash.

Saving my money IS the silver lining for me during this pandemic. I hope I keep some of my thrifty ways when it is over. I also think I need to call my mom and tell her she was right.

- Ty R.

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