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No Permission Needed From the IRS

Heck, I lost my mom, a best friend, and a couple others since March. But I survived - so that's a win.

Even though this seems to not be the best year to toss out job security and enjoy life to the fullest, well, the fact I have a life to live is pretty darn awesome and worth celebrating. :)

Luckily, younger me was wise to stash some cash so I don't have to wait until 59 1/2 to enjoy life for a bit. While not enough to make it to the 'IRA' age, at least I have enough for a couple of years I hope. If background work picks up, then that can stretch it a bit further - whoo hoo! Then it's an easy peasy job to float by until that magical number where the IRS says I can finally enjoy the money I put aside for retirement.

- Kelly S.

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