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Tip for Positivity in a CovidLife

Of course some things are easier said than done, but it does not make them impossible.

When things seem insurmountable, never ending, and dangerous, it is easy to let discouragement settle in. It takes acknowledgement that a change needs to be made and a commitment to make a change.

Two women laying on the ground smiling
Loosing time with a friend

Bengjiman Laker wrote a very nice article in Forbes, How To Be Positive In The Coronavirus World. He lays out simple things to consider: Positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishments. Smiling is like the instant short cut for mood improvement. Getting involved with a project, or losing time with a good book, sets loose positive hormones and helps usher in a sense of well being.

Corona has afforded us all a lot of extra "down-time" and does not need to go to waste. Maybe now is the time to reflect upon, or create a new sense of, purpose.

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