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Homemade Bread

Christine's Banana Bread

The smell of fresh baked banana bread, filling the air, is something not even a corona case can resist (or my dog). I cannot tell you how many times my German Shephard has counter surfed, and succeeded, in devouring an entire loaf of bread while it cooled. You are going to love the flexibility to add walnuts, chocolate chips, extra bananas, or whatever your taste-buds desire.

Creamed Baked Chicken.jpg

Edna's Baked Chicken

Super simple, decadently delicious, comfort chicken. The only thing Covid-19 and this dish have in common is protein.

Image by Daniel Lee

Sanghani Shrimp

From fabulous first impression to life-long lasting, you will never forget your "Two Weeks to Slow the Spread" or your meal with Sanghani Shrimp Scampi.


Urban Cowboy Beef Stroganoff

Did you ever see the movie "Urban Cowboy" with John Travolta and Debra Winger? If not, there is no time like a corona lockdown to pull out an old film. Do you remember the vixen, Madolyn Smith Osborne, that tried her best to steal Bud? She used the "get to his heart through his stomach" tactic with beef stroganoff. It's a recipe box staple.

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